How does credit repair work?

Per the Fair Credit Reporting Act. You as consumer have the right that all items on your credit report be both accurate and verifiable. The FRCA empowers you to challenge any questionable items that may be negatively impacting your credit and request an investigation by the 3 credit bureaus. Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. You then submit disputes of the questionable items to the bureaus, they launch an investigation with the creditor, and if the creditor cannot verify the information they remove it from your credit report. This process of submitting a dispute, the investigation, and receiving updated results typically takes 45 days.


How does eCreditHero work?

eCreditHero is a free program that helps you fix your credit for free. We help you identify questionable negative items on your credit report and create personalized letters to challenge those errors with the credit bureaus.


What does this cover?

eCreditHero’s program addresses a full spectrum of questionable negative items including collections, late payments, student loans, judgements, and public records.


What's the catch?

There is no catch. There are no gotchas and we never ask for payment. We are grateful for referrals so if you like your experience we would so appreciate your help in spreading the word.


Is this really free?

eCreditHero never charges. We will not request payment at any time. We do however request you submit your credit report through a designated independent provider. This is so that we have standardized format to help the thousands of people we’ve helped, which helps us keep our costs low. There are various different providers we use (listed when you sign up). Though there are benefits to maintaining a paid credit monitoring service as you’re working to improve your credit, we typically provide your letters within 10 days. So maintaining the credit monitoring provider beyond your trial is totally up to you.


How do you this for free?

Great question. Similar to other free offerings like Facebook, Google, and free credit score sites, we’re a technology startup backed by private investors that support our mission of helping thousands of families repair their credit for free. Some of investors and backers include CFSI FInancial Solutions Lab, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, Y Combinator Fellow,Corigin Ventures, Gotham Gal Ventures, 37 Angels, and other private investors.


How long does this take?

Once you submitted your credit report and gotten a confirmation from us. It typically takes 10 days to receive your personalized credit repair letters through email. From there you send to the 3 credit bureaus and will hear back directly from the 3 bureaus through the mail within 45 days of mailing your letters. Note: That if you submit the wrong login information to the credit provider this can slow down the process so please take care in submitting accurate login information with the right capitalization. If you need to update your record please do through our sign-up form


Can you get this off?

Thank you for asking. First, as a consumer you have the right to dispute anything you find questionable. At eCreditHero we’ve helped Heroes reach their credit goals and successfully remove errors related to medical bills, utilities, collections, judgements, student loan payments and more. But the beauty of offering a free service is that we can be fully transparent with you. There are more complex issues that may not be well served by our Free Program. Tax liens and charge-offs for example are typically less error-prone and therefore are less likely to be removed from your credit report as a part of credit repair and/or will require more advanced disputing. We’re committed to Free Credit Repair so we don’t offer advanced disputing but if you join our Community Forum, you’ll be able to here from other credit builders and we share other respected credit experts who specialize in advanced disputing.


How do I sign-up?

Get started at Once we have your accurate contact information and credit report information. You typically receive your personalized credit repair letters within 10 days.


Is credit repair effective? Are results guaranteed?

Credit Repair is a legal process that empowers the consumer to challenge questionable negative items. When a creditor cannot verify an item, it is removed from your credit report. So you should be comfortable that this is a legitimate and legal process. However, it is not legal to guarantee a specific outcome of a dispute. This would be like a lawyer guaranteeing a not guilty verdict. It’s not legal or possible. So please be wary of any service that guarantees removals, offers new identities, fake social security numbers, CPN’s, or credit sweeps. These are almost always scams preying on the vulnerable. That being said eCreditHero is here to support you and we’ve helped thousands reach their credit goals. If you want to see reviews you can join our FB community of almost 50,000 Heroes and see the many testimonials of those we’ve helped. FB: eCreditHero Community Forum

There is no catch. There are no gotchas and we never ask for payment. We are grateful for referrals so if you like your experience we would so appreciate your help in spreading the word.


What if I already have a different credit repair provider? 

Our service is currently only compatible with the credit report providers listed on our website. We are ferociously working to be able to support many more credit report providers. Please check back soon. We are also expanding and improving our program! 


This sounds great. Can someone call me?

As we serve thousands and strive to keep our costs low and services free, we’re unable to provide one on one phone calls. However we do have a private Facebook Community of almost 50,000 Heroes where you can ask a question of our team or the eCreditHero community M-F from 11AM EST to 6PM EST. Join us here